Miracle Africa International Foundation with the support of Chopard Joins forces for an extraordinary event: “The fight against malaria in Africa”

Special event at the Vip Room in Cannes, Pointe Croisette on Friday, 22nd of May 2009 – Nadia Murabet and actor Jean Claude Van Damme – 

The Miracle Africa International Foundation hosted a special event at the VIP Room in Cannes, Pointe Croisette on Friday, 22nd of May 2009. A plethora of international celebrities from the world of music and film turned out for this prestigious evening in the name of this important cause: The fight against malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is a deadly buttreatable disease that kills over 3,000 people every day, many of whom are young children.

The Miracle Africa International Foundation is dedicated to promoting initiatives to eradicate malaria in Africa. One of the key factors to help the prevention of further loss of life from malaria is to educate local communities and provide them with the tools and medication they need to help wipe out this deadly disease.

MAIF is working with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Diaspora African Forum, the African Union, the World Health Organization and the United Nations to support and enhance social development and health care in Africa. 

The gala evening was attended by famous celebrities such as actor Jean Claude Van Damme, singer James Blunt, Hayden Panettiere, Peaches Geldolf, Tamara Beckwith, Vanessa Hessler, Valeria Marini and many others. VIP guests were treated to dinner and an exclusive and intimate one-hour performance by Kylie Minogue followed by an evening listening to the sounds of celebrity DJ Bob Sinclar

Nadia Murabet, the Founder & President of the Miracle Africa International Foundation is the key person behind this important charity. She was present to greet and welcome her guests and share her passion and belief in how we can all help to change the crisis of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa, where one million people die from this disease every year. 

In her own words Nadia stated that – “We firmly believe, as Nelson Mandela said, that “The future of the Continent is in our hands” and for this we are committed to develop initiatives that shed global light on the terrible tragedies that are caused by malaria. Our aim is to help educate the afflicted and to stop the tragic and unnecessary loss of life that afflicts Africa’s indigenous populations.

The success of this event demonstrates the commitment of our foundation to make a difference. Your attendance drives home the point that this is indeed a worthy cause. Still, the problem of malaria on the African continent remains extremely serious and it is too often ignored by the rest of the world. For these reasons and with your help, the Miracle Africa International Foundation will continue to do all we can to promote awareness
about the impact of malaria – and to bring aid to those who continue to suffer”.