Dear Friends,

As Founder and President of the Miracle Africa International Foundation, I want to welcome you to our state-of-the-art website. Here, at this online location you will learn all about the work of the Foundation, particularly as it concerns our important work in implementing and supporting projects and programs that strive for sustainable development, stability, peace, freedom and liberty of the African continent.

It is a great pleasure to announce that Miracle Africa International Foundation has established the project Miracle GOAfrica to improve living conditions in African villages by equipping them with facilities and essential services, such as drinking water, health centers, electricity and communication networks. Miracle GOAfrica can become a development model for the initiatives taken by the authorities and to ensure a better coordination and effectiveness of international aid, both public and private.

As former South African President Nelson Mandela has said: “We hold the destiny of the continent in our hands.” The Miracle Africa International Foundation is taking those words seriously and we hope that you also will take them to heart. 

Nadia Murabet, Founder & President



the Project

Miracle Africa International Foundation aims at creating

an intervention model Miracle GOAfrica to enable African communities to move

beyond the emergency and lay the foundations for a genuine civil progress.

Miracle GOAfrica can become the reference framework for individual initiatives in the following areas:

 – The first is geared towards the primary health needs and aimed at assisting those who are fighting against life-threatening situations, such as ebola, malaria, cholera and recurrent famines.

– The second is directed at providing Permanent Essential Services in all communities to cater for the needs of the most vulnerable groups, such as children and women, by setting up “Centers for Mothers and Children”.

– The third is aimed at improving living conditions in villages by providing fundamental services and infrastructures, such as drinkable water, energy and national communication and integration systems, in line and synergy with the plans of each government.


Art 1. Name and headquarters
A nonprofit foundation within the meaning of Articles 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code is hereby created under the name “Miracle Africa International Foundation” (Fondation Internationale Miracle Africa). The registered office of the Foundation is in Geneva.
The Foundation operates under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (the “Supervisory Authority”).
Any transfer of the headquarters to another place in Switzerland requires the pre-approval of the Supervisory Authority.
Art 2. Purpose
The Purpose of the Foundation is to provide to the African people, in particular to the most vulnerable persons, a better quality of life by implementing projects and programs striving for sustainable development, stability, peace and democracy in the African continent. The Foundation wants to encourage the development of human, artistic, cultural, sportive and citizen values of Africa and promote them.
Within this purpose, the Foundation will contribute in Africa to:
• development of educational and sport programs;
• promotion of the environmental conservation by the sustainable use of natural resources, and research and establishment of better conditions for the development of agriculture, industry, trade, services and public administration;
• promotion of schooling and education;
• promotion and protection of the cultural diversity and of African culture and arts thoughout the world, and the development of cultural exchanges;
• health programs, in particular, the setting up of research and treatment centers;
• support to programs for disabled persons and children;
• development and support of projects for women, for instance, microcredit programs;
• development of projects for women and children victims of violence;
• setting up of forums between international organizations and nongovernmental organizations to share experiences;
• support of international associations pursuing the same goals;
• study and research in the social field.

The Foundation’s aim is to carry out these purposes in all the countries of the African continent, and other territories if necessary.
The Foundation shall excercise all other activities, required to carry out its purposes.



Miracle Africa International Foundation,World Voices for Peace 2017 

World Voices For Peace, Trois Villes and The Falcon Cup:

cross-cultural dialogue, history and top-level sports culture

May 22 2017: World Voices for Peace, The Falcon Cup and Trois Villes, the three event platforms respectively specialized in art, culture and tradition, tourist and sports offers and the promotion of a culture of peace, dialogue and understanding among different cultures, are pooling forces to build an ideal bridge between apparently different but similarly ambitious values.

World Voices for Peace is the result of a joint initiative taken by two international foundations that share the same purpose: promoting a culture of peace and inclusion by supporting government programs aimed at improving the living conditions of the local populations.

To this end, Nadia Murabet, the founder and President of Miracle Africa International Foundation and Odino Faccia, the founder and President of Fundación Red Voz por la Paz, who are both Peace Ambassadors, have created a world-wide event platform connecting 5 continents in order to raise funds for sustainable projects that bring concrete added value at local level. One of the projects in the World Voice of Peace is “Schools for Peace”, involving the Integral Ecology, and the campaigns “Por Ti Por Mi” on the values of coexistence. The event program started in Queretaro, Mexico, in February 2016, and continued in Buenos Aires with the participation of two Peace Nobel laureates, Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel together with three international artists, Tini Stoessel, Los Nocheros and Odino Faccia.

Trois Villes, an event container operating in Venice, Montecarlo and Cortina d’Ampezzo, three locations that are globally known for their uniqueness, marks out a path through history, traditions, promotion of the local heritage, arts and crafts, fashion, wine and food, with the objective of creating a network of people who share the same values and embody success stories. Anna Licia Balzan, the Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco and of Venice, and Serge Telle, the Prime Minister of the Principality of Monaco are some of the promoters of the project.

The Falcon Cup, Classic Car Regularity Race & Pro Am Golf Tournament is a first-class tourist, cultural and sports proposal that will be available from 2018 in Ras Al Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates, and in 12 Italian cities, as well as in Germany, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco.

The first stage of the journey organized by Trois Villes has just been completed in Ca’ Sagredo, Venice, in the presence of 180 guests, who were presented with a unique work offered by the internationally famous and solidarity prone artist Renato Missaglia, who was appointed Peace Ambassador by World Voices for Peace on account of his humanitarian commitment. After this very successful milestone, the project will be continued in Montecarlo in autumn and in Cortina in winter, to be further extended to Rome, New York, Dubai, Seoul and Johannesburg, following a program set by World Voices for Peace.

“The promotion of the territory and its economic, artistic and cultural highlights entails a process of active participation through events organized in the main international cities that are aimed at building a culture based on respect and inclusion at world level.” – declared Nadia Murabet, the co-founder of World Voices for Peace and President of Miracle Africa International Foundation.

The synergy among World Voices for Peace, Trois Villes and The Falcon Cup develops also at an organizational level with the proposal of a format including a conference for Peace, institutional projects and programs, a fund raising gala evening involving also sportsmen and a concert with the participation of world known artists, such as the Ambassadors of the World Voices For Peace network Tini Stoessel, Odino Faccia, Thalia and Yolanda Andrade, who have always been committed to solidarity.

Excellence Magazine, which is the result of the integration of the three event platforms, will act as media partner for the whole project, by the will of its President, Luigi Lauro.

CumbreMundialdePaz / ODINO y Nadia Murabet postularon a Argentina para que reciba en 2018 a los Nobeles de Paz de todo el mundo

El presidente de la Fundación Red Voz por la Paz, ODINO Faccia acompañado por la Presidenta de la Fundación Internacional Miracle Africa, Nadia Murabet, presentaron oficialmente la postulación de la República Argentina para ser la Sede de la Próxima Cumbre Mundial de Paz, que se llevará a cabo en febrero del 2018.
“Por el potencial que tiene nuestro país y por el camino hacia una Cultura de Paz por el que debemos transitar, quedamos entre los mejores posicionados para ser sede el próximo World Summit Of Nobel Peace Laureates”, expresó ODINO, la Voz Por la Paz en el Mundo.
La presentación se llevó a cabo en la Sede de la Fundación de Piacenza y Vigevano, en Italia, ODINO Faccia denominado “la Voz por la Paz en el Mundo” junto a Nadia Murabet, Presidente de Miracle Africa International Foundation; fueron los encargados de presentar formalmente la candidatura de Argentina como Sede de la próxima Cumbre Mundial de Paz.




MAY 23, 2016




is taking place in Monte Carlo next week, on May 23rd 2016.
The star studded Better World Awards (BWA) honours individuals who are working to make the world a better place through their global humanitarian efforts. The premise is that the Better World Award donates funds for the chosen honourees charity.


This year the BWA is pleased to announce the following VERY SPECIAL GUESTS:

Cinema Legend: Catherine Deneuve

Cinema Humanitarian : Jackie Chan

Entertainment Excellence: George Edde & M.Keller

Peace Humanitarian : Nadia Murabet

Fashion Influencer: Domenico Vacca

All the auction proceeds go to the Fondation Princesse Charlene De Monaco and Miracle Africa International Foundation.

Special Guests : Jean Claude Van Damme







In August the Global Champions Tour, the top global jumping circuit, held its second last round of the season at the famous show jumping stable of Mr. Jan Tops, President and founder of the GCT. It was the last round to the Finals which will be held in Doha, Qatar. It was an exciting event for many reasons, because not only did GCT demonstrate again its international importance, but it added a new dimension to its purpose. The GCE introduced Miracle Africa International Foundation as its partner against the problems of malaria and poverty in Africa.




The Miracle Africa International Foundation hosted a special event at the VIP Room in Cannes, Pointe Croisette on Friday, 22nd of May 2009. A plethora of international celebrities from the world of music and film turned out for this prestigious evening in the name of this important cause: The fight against malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is a deadly but treatable disease that kills over 3,000 people every day, many of whom are young children.

MAIF is working with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Diaspora African Forum, the African Union, the World Health Organization and the United Nations to support and enhance social development and health care in Africa.


Oriental è un evento di moda, spettacolo e cultura che ha contribuito a consolidare le relazioni tra l’Italia e l’Emirato Arabo in linea con quanto comunicato dalla visita in Italia del Re del Bahrein, che ha annunciato l’apertura dell’ambasciata del Bahrein a Roma.

In questa ottica nel corso della serata hanno riconosciuto l’Oriental Award alla MIRACLE AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION – fondata da Nadia Murabet – che ha portato avanti con straordinario merito l’obiettivo primario di fare scelte, azioni e promozioni che possano migliorare la qualità della vita dei fratelli africani più indifesi creando, implementando o supportando progetti che mirano allo sviluppo sostenibile, alla stabilità economica, al buon governo, alla libertà ed alla pace nel Continente Africano.


The Italian Embassy in Tunis gave a helping hand to face last minute logistic difficulties together with the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism who organized an extraordinary performance on traditional Arab music in the theatre of Hammamet. Moreover, to guarantee the success of the festival in Tunisia it was fondamental the support of the sponsor “Progetto Italia” of Marco Tronchetti Provera.

Inside the charming picture frame of what was the amphitheatre of El-Djem, Riccardo Muti conducted the orchestra and the choir of the Maggio Fiorentino to a few arias of the Metistofele of Boito accompanied by the soloist voices of Alexia Voulgaridon, Keith Ikaia Purdy, Ildebrando D’Arcangelo. During the concert, even other voices echoed in the Tunisian desert. The Maestro Muti interrupted his music to make way to the voice of prayer coming from the Muezzin. That silence, which asted a few minutes, was significative for the purpose of the feeling of brotherhood amongst people and respect towards the religion which unites us together to one and only God.


World Peace Festival Conference highlights innovative peace building strategies.
International leaders of peace building and conflict prevention meet at World Peace Festival Conference to discuss the importance of peace in a globalised world
Berlin, 26/08/2011 | From 20 to 27 August 2011 the World Peace Festival in Berlin is bringing together leading international peace builders to focus on the importance of peace in the world, and its impact on the global economy. Today, the World Peace Festival Conference started in the heart of the reunified and symbolic city with a two day programme that explores current peace building strategies and presents new approaches for conflict prevention.

The peace conference is the highlight of the World Peace Festival week bringing together experienced peace builders and leading decision-makers from the spheres of politics, business and civil society. The first conference day on 26 August 2011 started with the theme “Peace is your business!”, putting the focus on the economic impacts of building peace – an unprecedented approach for an international peace conference. In the opening sessions, successful global players, such as Steve Killelea (Institute for Economics and Peace), Jean Oelwang (Virgin Unite) and Mansoor Ijaz (Crescent Investment Management) outlined their visions, strategies and experiences about the role of corporates in furthering peace. Several speakers emphasised our responsibility as an international community in a globalized world – a world that is growing together more than ever before because of global connectivity and instant information exchange.



Nadia Murabet receives an award as Ambassador of Peace in Argentina from 2 Noble Peace Prize Adolfo Perez Esquvel & Rigoberta Menchu in the presence of Minister of Government Cristina Alvarez Rodríguez and wife of Governor of Buenos Aires and President of the Banco Foundation in the framework of the International Forum of Women’s Rights.……..